Out now. Cervello Elettronico – Controlling Systems (Damascus Knives Remix V1.1)



Sleep Clinic split with Torture Gallery on limited cassette is now available for presale.


Upcoming Cervello Elettronico dates.


WMX – Weapons available on digital and limited analog release.



Crimes AM debut on digital and analog format.


Cervello Elettronico offers up a harsh mix on the 10th edition of the WAVcast series.


Fresh off the release of their latest album Cruel The Present Moment contributes to the new edition of the WAVcast series with an eclectic post punk ebm industrial blend quenching our thirst for transgressive music… with a few synth classics mixed in for good measure.


Jason Snell aka bombardier is an electronic musician and multimedia artist with over 50 vinyl and CD releases since 1998. Discovered by Kid 606 in San Francisco, Snell’s first album was Violence, a full length mix CD of original material on Vinyl Communications, one of the most well respected hardcore labels in the world.

With the release of “Nowhere”, Bombardier demonstrates a calculated sound design which is incarnated from hardcore origins . Within the tracks “Hidden Razor”, “Unidentified”, and “VFM”,  each sound and dynamic are meticulously positioned to reach your senses in between every intervaled beat. Creative interpretations of these original compositions are provided by Blac Kolor, Mangadrive, and D/SIR and shape this diverse sampler.


Roger O’Donnell (The Cure/Solo) presents a mix of electronic music with soul in WAVcast 8.  These personal selections demonstrate lush ambient sounds and carefully constructed melodies which quite understandably underline Roger’s musical world.

SPLIT cover
Marching Dynamics puts out it’s first new material in 5 years on a split release with a collection of Cervello Elettronico remixes for “Animalism” originally on the HANDS Production album  “Anima Meccanica”. Pre-Orders are now available online (Officially out Feb 11th 2014 ) for this physical only product. WAVLTD1 is the first physical release for the Squarewav label and we are very proud of it.
UPDATE: This item is currently sold out

Skeleton Hands offers up “I Was In The Future Yesterday” in our WAVcast section.”The title is an obvious reference to the song “time travel” by the band blouse. Here though it is taken out of context and used as a reference to the current state of the music industry. Everything has gone digital, whether an iTunes download or a stream from a cloud somewhere but people are missing what’s tangible. They miss liner notes, they miss artwork, they miss making mixes for their friends (whether on CD or cassette). Therefore people are gravitating more towards vinyl and even cassette. That being said, I wanted to merge the two worlds. I wanted to give the illusion of something tangible even though this will be heard on soundcloud or some form of digital music player. in the middle of the mix you can hear someone flipping the tape over. Even the first track has a warble to it as if it were recorded onto tape and then stored in a closet somewhere for decades. The opening track is from the 60’s even, thus solidifying that illusion and telling a story without explaining verbatim. by the second track the warble blends in with the clarity of digital. But the tape hiss can be heard throughout the entirety of the mix. Even though some of these tracks may be new to listeners, I wanted to give them a familiarity. And for posterity I should note that none of the music on the mix was ever actually recorded to tape. It is all fabricated. an experiment in juxtaposition.
Evan (aka lazerbat)
skeleton hands.

CERVELLO ELETTRONICO’s new album “Anima Meccanica” will be released 21st October 2013 on HANDS.

CERVELLO ELETTRONICO, another well established act since 2001, joins HANDS and presents his own brand of industrial-tinged techno on the 13 tracks of “Anima Meccanica” – an idiosyncratic blend of atmospheric backdrops, occasional distortion, tempting beats and apt quotations from electronic music history. The album glistens with polished production value and will prove a gadget suited for all intents and purposes in an electronic household.

1. Last Words
2. Bad Ground
3. Vertebrae
4. Instant Trauma
5. Impact
6. She’s Got Damage
7. Down the Line
8. Animalism
9. Pulse
10. Source Code
11. People are Still People
12. Too Much Too Fast
13. Splinter

Pre-sale starts end of this week:

Letzte Ausfahrt Leben releases Dahli Disco EP featuring remixes by W.A.S.T.E. and Mono-Amine.


Led Er Est contributes an audiophile’s wet dream with lots of selected progressive synth rock tracks from vinyl for WAVcast 6.


Sleep Clinic releases Dream Programs as a free download. It’s a soundtrack designed to accompany one’s journey into subconscious discovering fears and desires. Warm ambient sounds build on subtle impending modulation to potentially formulate wild hallucinations.

Muerto is the new single package from Texas’own Odio 84 out worldwide on October 2nd 2012 which includes original tracks with remixes by Contaminant and Edgey featuring experimental rhythmic noise, pounding techno beats, and breakcore.

Rachel from Tonikom has compiled a mix of IDM, Electro-funk,  Trance and much more with an exclusive new original track in the mix now available in our WAVcast section.

Listen to Swiss NuDisco artists Flashworx new mix in the WAVcast section. It’s a groovy nostalgic collection for you to listen to in your portable boombox or DeLorean.

Nick Viola provides plenty of goosebumps for our second wavecast showcasing his project NXV. Take a listen or download this mix for free on our Wavcast section. Look for the tab above.


DJ Narcotk / Necrotek

DJ Narcotek from the project Necrotek offers up Squarewav’s first in a running series of free wavcasts showcasing dark electronic techno. Visit our new WAVcast section to listen.

Crimes at Midnight release their debut single “Flashbacks” for free. The tracks are available for download now.