WAVLTD5 – 11/19/2018 – Now available for presale.

  1. Sleep Clinic – Korsa1c Session
  2. Torture Gallery – Kill To Live
  3. Torture Gallery – Body Broker
  4. Torture Gallery – No Picture No Frame
  5. Torture Gallery – Follow Conditions

WAVLTD4 – 11/1/2017 – Now available for purchase and download


  1. Death March (Sorrento)
  2. Lady of Sorrows
  3. Deliver Us
  4. Penance
  5. Mourning After
  6. Sacrament
  7. Blasphemy
  8. Confessions
  9. Faith Still Strong
  10. There Is No Resurrection

WAV10 – 8/15/2017 – Now available for purchase and download

  1. Damascus Knives

WAVLTD3 – 8/8/2017 – Now available for purchase and download

  1. Atlas
  2. Eatr
  3. Vulture
  4. Hulc
  5. Mahem

WAVLTD2 – 3/1/2015 – Now available for download

  1. Anamnesis
  2. Touched
  3. Impulsive
  4. New Soul
  5. Comfort Woman
  6. Criminal
  7. Safe House
  8. Red Light (Featuring Psykosister)
  9. In The Place Where Nobody Wanted To Be

WAV9 – 9/29/2014 – Now available for download

1. Blush Response – Reasons

2. Cervello Elettronico – Demystifying The Veil

3. Statiqbloom – Contaminate (Face on the Floor mix)


5. Blush Response / Cervello Elettronico / Statiqbloom / WMX – Esoteric Matter

WAV8 – 9/2/2014 – Now available for download

1.Residente Anonimo

2. Medios Subversivos

3. Terrono Neutro

4. Medios Subversivos (Endif Remix)

5. Medios Subversivos (Letzte Ausfahrt Leben Remix)

6. Medios Subversivos (Echo Pusher Remix)

César Cárdenas produces harsh electronic music under the name Zoonosis and has performed live all around the techno underground in Mexico City creating a brand of distorted break beats. Complimenting this brief introduction are remixes by EndifLetzte Ausfahrt Leben, and Echo Pusher(Bassbot Sound System)

WAV7 – 4/1/2014 – Now available for download

1. Hidden Razor

2. Unidentified

3. VFM

4. VFM (Blac Kolor Remix)

5. VFM (Mangadrive Remix)

6. Hidden Razor (D/SIR Remix)

With the release of “Nowhere”, Bombardier demonstrates a calculated sound design incarnate from hardcore origins . Within the tracks “Hidden Razor”, “Unidentified”, and “VFM”,  each sound and dynamic are meticulously positioned to reach your senses in between every intervaled beat. Creative interpretations of these original compositions are provided by Blac Kolor, Mangadrive, and D/SIR and shape this diverse sampler. Music and art  by Jason Snell. Mastering by Squarewav Sound.

WAVLTD1 – (This item is SOLD OUT)

Marching Dynamics

1. Knewlyfe

2. Your Blood Stains

3. Memorandum

4. Amnesty (Artillery Nightspace mix)

Cervello Elettronico

5. Animalism (Tonikom Remix)

6. Animalism (Swayzak Remix)

7. Animalism (Liebknecht Remix)

8. Animalism (Mixed Feelings Version)

Marching Dynamics puts out it’s first new material in 5 years on a split release with a collection of Cervello Elettronico remixes for “Animalism” originally on the HANDS Production album “Anima Meccanica”.

WAV6 -Now available for download

1. Dahli Disco

2. When Your Muse Sleeps

3. Storm

4. When Your Muse Sleeps (W.A.S.T.E. remix)

5. Dahli Disco (Mono-Amine remix)

Letzte Ausfahrt Leben’s debut EP on Squarewav consists of hard hitting drum, bass, rhythm and noise. It includes remixes by W.A.S.T.E. and Mono-Amine. All music written, performed, and produced by Letzte Ausfahrt Leben.Mastering by Squarewav Sound.Artwork by Liis Roden.

WAV5 – Now available for download

1. Dreamscape

2. Artificial and Frozen

3. Ladder of Night

4. Click and Shudder

Dream Programs is a free release by Los Angeles dark electronic act Sleep Clinic. This 4 track download is offered only as a whole. It’s an ambient expedition, every minute a step that can not be missed on this disquieting path.All music written, performed, and produced by Jeff Swearengin. Artwork by Liis Roden.

WAV4 – Now available for download

1. Muerto

2. 200 Bullets

3. Muerto (Remixed by Contaminant)

4. Muerto (Remixed by Edgey)

“Muerto” is the new single package from Texas’own Odio 84 which includes original tracks with remixes by Contaminant and Edgey featuring experimental rhythmic noise, pounding techno beats, and breakcore. All music written and performed by Sandra Espinoza. Mastering by Squarewav Sound. Artwork by Liis Roden.

WAV3 – Now available for download

1. D.O.A.

2. Flashbacks

3. 4 AM Sunrise

Digital single package released June 1st, 2012. All music written, performed, and recorded by Crimes at Midnight. Mastering by Squarewav Sound. Vocals on Track 1 by Violeta Moreno. Words on Track 3 by Danni Kushner.   Artwork by Alley Shiver.

WAV2 – Now Available for download

1. My Old Friend(Assemblage 23 Remix)

2. Body

3. The Signal

4. Reversed Polarity(Club Version)

Digital single package released February 21st, 2012. All music written, performed, and produced by Bioassay. Track 1 remixed by Tom Shear. Track 4 remixed by David Christian. Mastering at Squarewav Sound. Cover artwork and photography by Liis Roden.

WAV1 – Now available for download

1. Descension


3. She’s Got Damage(Whitechapel mix)

Three track limited digital download package. Released November 1st 2011. All music written, performed, and produced by David Christian. Mastering at Squarewav Sound. Original art modified from Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s Gula(1525-1569).

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