Zvetschka is a Brooklyn-based multi genre DJ and live remix artist with a focus on EBM, Industrial, and the darker side of Techno. A long-time collaborator in the NYC scene, she cut her teeth working with the legendary Goth/Industrial party, Contempt, starting in 2002. In recent years, she has DJ’d a host of events in NYC including Brooklyn’s synth-heavy Synthicide at Bossa Nova Civic Club, the dark techno infused HEXXE, the experimental POST Lock(iT) Xmass Party at Trans-Pecos, the post-punk & alternative-friendly Rock’em Sock’em and at industrial flash point, DefCon, in NYC’s storied Pyramid Club. Zvetschka has also spun a collaborative DJ set on The Lot Radio with Turntablist, DJ Darryl Hell, on Reade White’s Radio Crash broadcast and made DJ guest appearances on The Horrorist’s Kunst Krach radio program and DJ Mike Textbeak’s CHVrCH XV BrXK3N 7ANGvAG3 radio program. More DJ Zvetschka can be found on Mixcloud and exclusive remixes regularly pop up on her Facebook page.


Here is a special WGT mix from Los Angeles industrial techno producer Cervello Elettronico.

“Uncompromising is as good a descriptor as any for this record. Cervello Elettronico isn’t interested in making any concessions to the listener, either for the sake of accessibility or to offer respite. It can be exhausting and sometimes difficult to parse by virtue of its construction, trading in a broader palette of sounds for a mechanically precise and inflexible template. Its strength and its weakness are intrinsic to one another, appropriate for a record that so steeped in precise, mechanical transactions. ”

-Logical Fears Review (I Die You Die)

Dolce Vita at (The Offbeat Bar) started earlier this year making a monthly home for Italo Disco in the historical HIghland Park area of Los Angeles, After 6 months of booty shaking synth disco hits, the night has gained support from many locals as well as 80’s Italo enthusiasts all over the city attracting attention from the LA Weekly . Squarewav hosts the night with regular DJ Alley Shiver. June’s edition featured a vinyl set by DJ Mando Italo. Our next event is July 10th.

The Blood of Others is the solo project of Michael Kurt based in Portland, Oregon. Their debut release, I Used To Think Everything Was Beautiful, is out now on Audiotrauma Records. Michael is a podcaster and musician who is involved in the podcasts Talking to Ghosts and The Mirror Stage, as well as the bands [product] and Sky Symbol Rituals.

“Cervello Elettronico is a kind of music virus, which I have been inflected with since the official debut album “Negate The Instigator” (2007). The sophisticated and intelligent electro-minimalism of this artist was like a revelation to me. David Christian is an artist taking a distance with established electronic standards. He perfectly knows how to compose on the edge between electronic- and industrial music. He’s composing near the fields of IDM, but in the end it’s rather impossible to label him under one established style. The sound appears to be the perfect hybrid from different influences. ” – Side Line Magazine.

HANDS Bandcamp page


Based in Los Angeles, The Present Moment achieves a stunning hybridization and an infectious blend of dense cold-wave’s electro grooves, cyclical droning interferences, vigorous epic industrialism, dolorous nocturne-goth weirdness superbly sustained by a seductive eighties flavor. Ritualistic in nature, the whole musical trip offers a dark, delightful and rather unique breathtaking atmosphere, sometimes revealing enthralling lysergic electro-ambiences. The Present Moment is situated in an in-between and non stabilized musical region which authorizes astonishing connections.

Before making his Cure debut with Disintegration (arguably one of the best albums ever recorded by the band and maybe of that time period), Roger grew up in a musical household which prepared him for a professional career as a musician playing for popular bands in the early 80’s such as The Thompson Twins and Psychedelic Furs.

Since 2006’s “The Truth In Me”, he has solidly established himself as a solo musician. He actively tours worldwide and was part of one of the biggest European alternative festivals in 2011, Wave Gotik Treffen. After his last stripped down minimal release in 2010, “Piano Formations” we eagerly await new material and collaborations. Here is his inspired mix for Squarewav.

Skeleton Hands (hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio) resurrects familiar electronic postpunk sounds while maintaining a sparkle for the present coldwave renaissance. After self releasing tracks and an EP on Race Car Productions, they offer Gone. One of the best new releases of 2013.


Led Er Est emerged from a series of jam sessions that core members Shawn O’Sullivan and Sam De La Rosa started having in early 2007, using bass guitar, some cheap drum machines, and synths. They were inspired to record music largely by ’70s synth prog, and ’80s lo-fi electronic and industrial music. They recorded a number of songs at friend Will Burnett’s studio that fall. Their first officially released track was on the Wierd Records compilation, Analogue Electronic Music Vol II. Owen Hutchinson joined the band for their first live show at the Wierd party that December. In January of 2008, they released their first 7-inch, a split with Excepter member Jon Porkchop aka SSPS.

Throughout 2008 and 2009 they self-recorded their first album, Dust on Common, which Wierd Records released in Nov. of 2009. In spring of 2010, they toured Europe with Xeno and Oaklander, playing shows in the UK, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Italy. Subsequently they released a 7-inch and then the May EP on Captured Tracks. Led Er Est did a brief west coast run with Soft Moon last fall and just played SXSW. On stage and in the studio Led Er Est create a thick wall of atmospheric soundscapes using vintage analog recording devices, samplers, and synths using sci-fi soundtracks and cold wave as reference points.


Taken from the Italian phrase for computer that literally translates to electronic brain, Cervello Elettronico is the electronic musical act founded by David Christian [aka Snarf]. Influenced by 80s Industrial and 90s Electronica, the project’s inception in 2001 contributed to a new underground scene growing in the New York City area. Several demos and self released EPs were sold and openly distributed throughout the internet before the the act landed it’s first live show supporting Manufactura and Terrorfakt in the spring of 2004 at NYC’s legendary Albion night.

Tonikom (aka Rachel Maloney), formerly known as Tonik, is an electronic music producer from New York.
She is signed to Hymen Records and makes music that blends together a wide array of genres, including IDM, Drum and Bass, Industrial and Techno. “Found and Lost”, the new album is now availabe on Ant-zen. Check out the back catalog and add the project on facebook to keep updated on new music.

Flashworx is a Swiss nu-italo duo that has been active since 2009. Anthony Hammer and Mike Arthur Le Trèfle are born in the 80’s, and they don’t accept their life in the 21st century. These dudes want to bring you back to the days where Don Johnson was king and it was ok to wear only one white sequined glove. After 2 EP’s, “Two Guys In Japan” and “Futurisma”, they working on their 1st LP, which will be probably released at the end of the year. At the same time, Anthony Hammer presents his new project (Mirana) with a new artist from Switzerland. Keep an eye out for it!

Nick Viola’s is involved with multiple music projects from all sides of the spectrum. His more recent endeavor is a release from the NXV project out on Signifier, “Bridging Divisions”. It’s an exiting melting pot of IDM, Ambient, Glitch, and dubstep influence that at times takes on an experimental side. Fractured Transmission is another project by Nick which also has a current release on Signifier. Check out all of the growing label’s roster at Signifier Online.

DJ Narcotek aka James Geist has been involved with the Nectrotek project for several years now mixing 80’s Industrial with a fresh new flavor. His latest release on Vendetta Music is available now through every major digital and physical music distributor. Here is a mix of dark techno he has submitted to squarewav(very first in our series of podcasts) for you to listen absolutely free. Vendetta Music has an extensive catalog worth looking at.


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